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Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard Firm Overview

Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and our attorneys are licensed in state and federal courts in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Our attorneys routinely travel across the Carolinas to represent clients facing serious felonies or federal crimes.

Dysart Willis White Collar Crimes

Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard handles white-collar cases both in state and federal court. White collar crime can include embezzlement, bank fraud, health care fraud, and mortgage fraud. Our attorneys also represent corporate clients and executives in antitrust cases and corporate compliance.

Dysart Willis Child Pornography

Anyone under investigation or facing charges for possession, distribution, or manufacture of child pornography is advised to retain an attorney with experience immediately. These kinds of cases can be prosecuted in state or federal court and the consequences can be extremely serious. Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard has extensive experience handling these matters and prepared to represent you. 

Dysart Willis Drug Offenses

When someone is charged with a first offense for possession of drugs, whether it's a felony or misdemeanor, one of the concerns is whether or not they are going to face jail time. Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard is prepared to defend your drug case in either state or federal court whether you are a first time offender or have prior convictions.

Dysart Willis Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking in North Carolina is a unique crime and it heavily depends on the kind of drug you have and if the weight of the drug exceeds certain guidelines. These cases can carry prison sentences and heavy fines. Punishments for these cases are set out by statues and judges have little discretion on what sentence to impose. Whether you are a first time offender or not, you could be facing mandatory prison time and fines. In any drug case, it’s important to look at the encounter with the police. Here at Dysart Willis, we analyze every part of the case. Drug trafficking cases can move from state to federal, Dysart can represent either of these. Call Dysart Willis today.

Dysart Willis Industrial Commission

The North Carolina Industrial Commission is tasked with ensuring that businesses have workers' compensation insurance coverage and can penalized employers who are noncompliant. Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard defends employers who receive criminal charges or Penalty Assessment Orders from the Industrial Commission. Call Dysart Willis today.

Dysart Willis Federal Charges

Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard is prepared to defend our clients against criminal charges in both state and federal court. If you have been charged with a federal crime it is important to get an attorney who understands the the unique challenges of the federal system. Our firm maintains a robust federal practice and has the necessary experience to defend you against federal prosecution. Call Dysart Willis today.

Dysart Willis Antitrust

If you have been subpoenaed or charged with an antitrust or competition crime in the United States or abroad, you need an experienced, skilled, and authoritative attorney to represent you and your interests. We proudly represent our corporate and individual clients for price fixing, bid rigging, market allocation, and other claims of anticompetitive conduct. Antitrust charges are cases against companies and organizations who purposefully try to gain too much power within a specific industry or market.

Dysart Willis Sex Offenses

Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard handles a high volume of cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct. We have the expertise and experience to help our clients manage these sensitive cases and the tenacity to zealously defend our clients when the stakes are high.

Dysart Willis Title 9

Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard represents individuals targeted by Title IX investigations and facing disciplinary action including suspension, expulsion and/or job termination. A Title IX investigation can involve allegations against a student or faculty member for sexual misconduct, rape, or stalking. Dysart Willis does a thorough job interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, identifying possible constitutional violations by the university, and otherwise achieving the best possible results for our clients.

Dysart Willis School Suspension

Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard proudly represents students facing disciplinary action by their school. If a student is subject to a disciplinary decision including suspension or expulsion, students and their parents have rights. At the hearing the student has a to be represented by a lawyer, to call witnesses, and to cross-examine witnesses from the school. Call Dysart Willis today to discuss how we can help.

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