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Dysart Willis Houchin & Hubbard Firm Overview

Dysart Willis is located in Raleigh (Wake County) and we practice primarily in Wake and the adjacent counties. For those facing serious felonies or federal crimes we will travel throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Dysart Willis White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are typically financial in nature. Examples of this would be bank fraud, health care fraud, and mortgage fraud. It’s important for clients to know Dysart Willis handles white-collar cases both in state and federal court, we’ve handled them all. Having Dysart Willis serve as an in-house council role, it helps us put compliance regulations in place for our clients. Let Dysart Willis represent you.

Dysart Willis Child Pornography

In a child pornography case, it's very common for our clients to have law enforcement officers arrive at their house with a search warrant. Immediately, law enforcement will enter our client's house and start talking to our clients, attempting to get them to make a statement. It's vitally important that our clients not make any statements at that time. Be extremely cooperative with law enforcement and then immediately call Dysart Willis.

Dysart Willis Drug Offenses

When someone is charged with a first offense for possession of drugs, whether it's a felony or misdemeanor, one of the concerns is whether or not they are going to face jail time. Whether someone is charged in state or federal court with a drug crime, Dysart Willis can handle that case.

Dysart Willis Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking in North Carolina is a unique crime and it heavily depends on the kind of drug you have and if the weight of the drug exceeds certain guidelines. These cases can carry prison sentences and heavy fines. Punishments for these cases are set out by statues and judges have no discretion on what sentence to impose. Whether you are a first time offender or not, you could be facing mandatory prison time and fines. In any drug case, it’s important to look at the encounter with the police. Here at Dysart Willis, we analyze every part of the case. Drug trafficking cases can move from state to federal, Dysart can represent either of these. Call Dysart Willis today.

Dysart Willis Industrial Commission

The Industrial Commission of North Carolina is charged with ensuring employers that are required to carry workers compensation actually carry it. They find workers who are not compliant and give a penalty that could be $10,000 to $100,000+. The Industrial Commission requires notice, and general employers sometimes are completely unaware. Dysart Willis represents employers who receive Penalty Assessment Orders from the Industrial Commission and helps to identify defenses to challenge the penalty or work with industrial commission for significantly reduced figures. Call Dysart Willis today.

Dysart Willis Federal Charges

Dysart Willis is unique because we are equipped to handle state and federal cases. Many law firms do not practice in federal court, and Dysart Willis has a high volume of open federal cases as well as resources to help clients facing federal charges. Dysart meets with the client to have detailed conversations and advise them with next steps. We’ve had great success and have developed relationships in the US Attorney’s office. It’s imperative that clients contact us early in the process because at Dysart Willis you get a team who works collaboratively. Call Dysart Willis today.

Dysart Willis Sex Offenses

We handle a high volume of hands-on contact sex offense cases. We have the expertise and experience to help our clients manage these allocations. These allocations can rip families apart and Dysart Willis has been successful in numerous occasions with these charges. With the current environment, we are seeing more and more of these kinds of charges, you need the best attorney’s you can get, Dysart Willis.

Dysart Willis Title 9

Dysart Willis represents college students who have been charged with a consensual sexual encounter that has turned criminal. Title 9 is a federal statute that prohibits sex discrimination to university’s that accepted federal funds. These are generally played out by title 9 investigations that turn into sexual assault, rape, and stalking allocations at our local universities. Dysart Willis does a thorough job talking to witnesses, going through reports, looking at social media, and doing a thorough investigation of the accuser. Call Dysart Willis and get help today.

Dysart Willis School Suspension

School suspension includes students at North Carolina public schools as well as colleges & universities. In these situations where students appeal a disciplinary decision, students and their parents have rights. At the hearing the student has a right to council, be represented by a lawyer, to call witnesses, and call witnesses from the schoolboard or university. Call Dysart Willis today for us to represent you.

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