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Antitrust / White Collar

We proudly represent our corporate and individual clients for price fixing, bid rigging, market allocation, and other claims of anticompetitive conduct. Antitrust charges are cases against companies and organizations who purposefully try to gain too much power within a specific industry or market.

Business representation

We assist business owners facing penalty assessment orders from the Industrial Commission. Owners who fail to secure workers’ compensation insurance coverage as required by North Carolina law can face substantial fines as well as criminal prosecution.

Child Porn Defense

Sex crimes – especially in cases that allegedly involve child victims or child pornography – are emotionally charged, and the potential penalties are often extreme. We will seek the truth and protect your rights when the cards may seem stacked against you.

Cyber Crimes

cybercrime, or computer crime, is a criminal offense committed using the Internet or otherwise aided by forms of computer technology. While computer crimes are relatively new phenomena, many of the crimes now committed via computers were committed in person before the age of the Internet.

Drug Trafficking Defense

We defend people charged with drug offenses, including simple possession, conspiracy, distribution, and trafficking. Your choice in legal counsel can directly impact the outcome of your case. By asking the tough questions, we ensure that our drug crime clients have the strongest possible defense.

Federal Criminal Defense

The stakes are extremely high in federal criminal cases. If you have been charged with a federal crime — fraud, child pornography charges, drug crimes, a firearm offense, internet crimes, money laundering, or another crime — you should immediately seek help from a federal criminal defense lawyer.

Homicide / Violent Crime

Violent crime is a crime in which the threat of force or force is intentionally used upon a victim. It includes offenses in which the violent act is the ultimate objective, such as murder, and in which the violent act is a means to an end, such as an armed robbery.

Tax Defense

If you have received a notice from a local or federal tax collecting authority about your conduct related to taxes that is not a criminal matter, you still need to seek resolution promptly. If you have an unresolved tax controversy, the longer you wait to take action, the worse the matter is likely to become.

Title IX Defense

Students facing disciplinary hearings for violations of the code of conduct are in a difficult position. The procedures used in these hearings can be confusing. If you are facing discipline, you need an experienced attorney to help you prepare your case and defend your rights.

Traffic & DWI

Motor vehicle crimes, from speeding and traffic violations to drunk driving, can have a serious impact on your life. If you have received a citation or been arrested, Dysart Willis will aggressively defend your case and examine creative resolution options to make sure that your freedom and liberties are protected.

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