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Violent Crimes

Violent crime is a crime in which the threat of force or force is intentionally used upon a victim. It includes offenses in which the violent act is the ultimate objective, such as murder, and in which the violent act is a means to an end, such as an armed robbery.

While laws vary from state to state, the penalties for violent crimes are serious regardless of where you live. In North Carolina even a misdemeanor assault can result in up to five months (150 days) of incarceration. Violent crime allegations often inhibit future professional and social opportunities, not to mention the serious consequences posed by the criminal justice system in the event of a conviction.

Individuals who have been charged with a violent crime should seek immediate legal counsel in order to understand the potential ramifications of such charges.

Types of Violent Crimes

Violent crime classification varies by jurisdiction, but it generally includes crimes of harm against another person. North Carolina prohibits a wide range of violent and harmful behavior, from simple assault to murder. The following are considered violent crimes in North Carolina and among those that the attorneys at Dysart Willis handle:

  • Assault — reasonable threat or attempt of bodily injury that instills fear of harm in the victim
  • Battery — involves the physical injury of someone else
  • Homicide/murder — an intentional killing that committed with intent to harm or kill the person
  • Robbery — unlawful taking of another person’s property through the use of threat or force
  • Firearms — offenses involving illegal use or possession of firearms
  • Domestic Violence — assault with a deadly weapon that causes serious injury against someone with whom the defendant has a personal relationship

In addition to this list, non-violent crimes can be raised to a level of violence. For example, forcing someone to sign a contract, a traditionally non-violent crime, becomes violent if it is done under threat of harm or at gunpoint.

Penalties for Violent Crimes

The seriousness of a violent crime and its penalties are determined by the degree of physical harm caused to the victim. The involvement of weapons in the offense can raise the seriousness of the crime. Additionally, the nature of the victim can impact the severity of a crime’s charges. For example, in the crime was inflicted upon a police officer, woman, or child, the crime may be subject to increased charges.

How We Can Help You

At Dysart Willis, we believe that everyone accused of a crime deserves capable and energetic legal representation. If you’ve been charged with a violent crime in North Carolina, you need a criminal defense attorney who will fight on your behalf to secure the best result possible. We understand the complexities of the law and the circumstantial scientific evidence that these charges are often based on, including DNA, surveillance photographs, and fingerprints.

Our criminal defense lawyers can help you by:

  • Investigating your case in a thorough manner
  • Lining up credible experts and witnesses in your favor
  • Using a skeptical perspective while reviewing the prosecution’s evidence
  • Cross-examining witnesses
  • Deploying every resource at our disposal to challenge accusations
  • Negotiating to have the charges dropped or reduced

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