The recent conviction of a 27-year-old man from Rocky Mount on a firearms charge related to a shooting and pistol-whipping assault arose from the Take Back North Carolina Initiative. This initiative has assigned regional federal prosecutors throughout the state to increase the prosecution of violent crimes. The prosecutors have supported the mission of Project Safe Neighborhoods, which coordinates the efforts of law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of violent criminals.

Authorities believed that the man who was recently convicted after a three-day jury trial belonged to the Bloods gang. He allegedly went by the street name Double R. Following the conviction, a federal judge sentenced him to 17 years in federal prison and three years of subsequent supervised release.

Evidence presented by prosecutors detailed an attack in May 2017 in which the alleged offender pistol-whipped another man. A traffic stop of the suspect two days later conducted by the Rocky Mount police produced a Ruger 9 mm pistol. In August 2017, a shooting on South Vyne Street prompted authorities to obtain a search warrant for the man’s residence. Police reported finding multiple guns, including an AR-15 rifle, ammunition, drug paraphernalia, counterfeit money, and marijuana. The resulting firearms conviction added to his previous felony record for a violent home invasion.

When a person is prosecuted by federal authorities, the representation of an attorney familiar with federal criminal defense could prove beneficial. Legal counsel could evaluate the case to determine if authorities violated the person’s rights. Unlawful behavior could provide grounds to challenge evidence and gain a reduction in charges. During a trial or the negotiation of a plea deal, the attorney might also strive to cast doubt on evidence to strengthen the defense’s position.